What is a makerspace exactly?

A makerspace is a shared space where people with interest and skills in a mix of disciplines can come together to create, make and share knowledge and resources. Our Vision is defined this way: Make-It Springfield supports the creative needs of a diverse Springfield community. Its dynamic, eclectic learning environment invites people of any background or skill level to explore and create, while promoting inclusion and collaboration in all forms of culture, art, and technology.

How are we different from other makerspaces?

1) Most makerspaces begin with equipment and the people come afterwards. We don't just talk about "community engagement." We are committed to being accessible to the public in all we do. Stop by to check out the space or participate in our workshops!

​2) Our location in downtown Springfield is intentional. We are located on an infamous street in Springfield and are committed to changing perceptions about the neighborhood. We are in a visible storefront space so passersby feel welcome to walk in and see what we're all about. We support people and organizations making positive change in Springfield.  We believe more makers will only add to the vibrancy and strength of Springfield. 

What about parking?

There is FREE parking after 6pm and on the weekends, on all streets of downtown. At all other times, metered street parking is available all around Make-It Springfield at a rate of 25¢ for 30 minutes; you may also choose to use the Passport Parking App to manage your meter time. There are also multiple public lots less than a block away. Details here.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers, supporters and often board members and interns. To learn more about volunteering, email our Volunteer Coordinator; to inquire about being a supporter or a board member, email our Director. Read on to learn how you can visit, attend workshops or share skills by hosting a workshop or event.

What activities can I host or attend?

The organizers of Make-It are thrilled to offer a downtown storefront where creativity is inspired and shared with the community. Anyone can inquire about learning a new skill or sharing a craft or other special talent. We have space and tools to share as well!  We are always seeking individuals, small businesses and partners interested in hosting workshops or events to reach Springfield's community.  We are open and have equipment for in-person or virtual activities. Visit the page about Our Space or contact us for more information!

​Who can host activities?

You can! You do not need to be a professional or a Make-It member in order to host a workshop here. Hobbyists, small business owners, college students or professionals with a skill or creative ideas to share are all welcome...even young people have shared their skills and hosted workshops!


​How much does it cost?

Current information about using our space is available here. As of October 2021, we are revamping our membership and space usage policies, but we are always committed to making our space accessible to anyone who is interested in Our Mission.​


What am I responsible for as a host?

As a workshop host, you will be asked to attend a brief orientation, arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time to set-up, bring any materials you will need, collaborate with us to promote your workshop, collect workshop fees as applicable, ask participants to sign-in when they arrive, and follow our clean up checklist before leaving.


What equipment is available?

We have tables and chairs for at least 24 people, Wi-Fi and small speakers. We also have an 8' wide screen, a white board, easels, a projector, video camera, tripod and extension cords for virtual presentations. You will have to bring a laptop if applicable. In other areas, we have a growing set of woodworking tools, sewing machines, scissors, paints, brushes, some paper and other crafting items. RADSpringfield, our in-house bike workshop, has all the tools, equipment and supplies needed for the shop. You are welcome to stop in for a tour of our space and learn how you can get involved. Contact us for more information. 


​What support is available?

Our Mission states that we are "a multicultural home that invites creativity, invention, and artistic experimentation through dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of skills and ideas." No matter where you are in your creative or entrepreneurial journey, we want to talk to you! Feel free to email us at or call us at (413) 455-0663.