About Us            

Our Vision

Make-It Springfield supports the creative needs of a diverse Springfield community. Its dynamic, eclectic learning environment invites people of any background or skill level to explore and create, while promoting inclusion and collaboration in all forms of culture, art, and technology.

Our Mission

Make-It Springfield provides space, tools, and vision, especially for low- and moderate-income individuals and families, to explore and work on creative projects. Make-It Springfield provides a multicultural home that invites creativity, invention, and artistic experimentation through dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of skills and ideas.

Our Goals

  • Provide physical space for individuals, groups, and families to explore and work on creative projects.

  • Encourage exchange among people with diverse abilities, ideas, perspectives, and lifestyles.

  • Inspire the creative spark that promotes vision, experimentation, growth, and development.

  • Provide a restorative escape for inspiration and creative contemplation.

  • Promote growth and community in downtown Springfield.

  • Foster the highest ideals of tolerance and inclusion.